Doing my part to disrupt the space-time continuum.

About Me

Me in a nutshell (Damn it’s cramped in here!):

⁃    I like rocks.
⁃    Syrup makes me cranky.
⁃    Sometimes I dream that my teeth fall out.
⁃    I HATE most words that end in “ump”.
⁃    Although “frump” is okay because it so fits its meaning.
⁃    If only I could win a million dollars.
⁃    I prefer cotton to flannel.
⁃    I contradict myself – then I get mad at myself.
⁃    I watch Family Guy even though I am diametrically opposed to its lack of quality … and I feel guilty about that so I watch it in the dark.
⁃    I believe Uranus is the DUMBEST name outside of the whole wide world  and that the Universe is embarrassed.

This blog and why:

This blog has no purpose. It’s an outlet … and it’s weird.

I used to try to hide my weirdness. That proved to be an uphill battle. After years of failed attempts at being ‘normal’, I learned that my best line of defense has been to find other like-minded weird people.

Both of us are happy with the way that’s turned out.

Little by little I’ve come to own my quirky ways and out it pours on this blog page. Whatever.

Blog pages are often full of self-absorbed reflection or expression. Here’s mine and I won’t hide it … it’s all about ME. Every post is a bit odd and I stand behind each one … over in the corner … as I wring my hands and second guess myself.

It’s very cool to me that you’ve read this far! I really hope you come back here from time to time to check in. If you can relate to a post, tell me about it!

Thanks for reading!


Comments on: "About Me" (8)

  1. Sharon Skrak said:

    Very Kewl!!! This is just one of the reasons that even though we haven’t always kept in touch …. you still are one of my favorite peeps on the big blue marble!

    • TeeeRay said:

      Yaaaayyyyy!!! I love you dearly, my friend! Thanks for stopping by and making a comment, too! Miss you!!!

  2. I love you! And am so proud of your skills. Mad skills, I tell you.

  3. you’re so awesome and I love that it’s snowing on your blog!

  4. Lauren Udell said:

    Where’s the “464” post? I went to read it and it’s gone. Now I’m intrigued…

    • TeeeRay said:

      I think … if my feeble mind will serve me, that I did some sort of test thingie-ma-bob that I then trashed.

      Clearly, I have nothing to say of worth at the moment. There’s a huge surprise. :o)

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