Doing my part to disrupt the space-time continuum.

The Gremlin In The Chair

A face within the pattern of the fabric of the chair
whispers threats through woven threads amidst a raven’s glare
Shadows from the window twist the creature’s icy stare
Fearing movement might disturb him, blink or breathe?
I shall not dare!

Darkness seeping in my room from underneath the door
Dreams are nightmare’s furnace, burning demons of the lore
Fabric from the chair has hissed a wretched night’s in store
My sanity has left me with the chair and nothing more

Grayness gives to pitch, as luminescence leaves no trace
Every shift of shadow will transform that ghoulish face
The clock is slowly ticking at an agonizing pace
The gremlin eyes are glaring as my heart begins to race

Agonizing minutes flit and flutter through the air
Like demon puppets they will heed their master in the chair
The silence from the gremlin cracks the drum within my ear
His screaming, screeching silence marries madness to my fear

In a moment weakened, sleep will call and I’ll protest
My weary mind rewinds the night, replays the Gremlin’s quest
Sweat soaked sheets and frozen air, repel my hope to rest
Should this Gremlin hell prevail, he’ll beckon me his guest

With any hope the minutes then the hours will bring the dawn
The light will turn my stillness and my fear into a yawn
Patterns from the fabric of the chair will be redrawn
Taciturn, the gremlin, will for certain, have withdrawn.


Comments on: "Scary Poem for Halloween – In The Style Of Edgar Allan Poe" (4)

  1. I read this while listening to our favorite native american chant… It didn’t quite fit the scene but I love this poem!

  2. TeeeRay said:

    Were you scared? Even just a tiny little itty bit?

  3. Sharon Skrak said:

    I really liked the poem…. fits right into my life now… reading a lot of poetry for Eng. Lit. Every once in a while when I wake up in the night with the moonlight filtering through the window…. I can see something that creeps me out in the patterns it makes, if only, for a second….

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