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Ear wax …

What delightful stuff!

I discovered the joy of ear candling years ago when I’d join my little group of girl friends every few months to candle. Each chick would fix her big-girl drink, we’d lay out a blanket and take turns in the middle of the circle getting candled.  The candling itself was NOT where the greatest joy was found. Oh no. The greatest joy of ear candling was (and IS) found in unwrapping the last part of the candle to see the ear wax inside. It was outrageously gross fun! DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING! Loved it!

My squeamish hubby has only allowed me the honor of candling his ears ONE precious time. He refused to eyeball the wonders of the wax I managed to pull out of his head. Just didn’t like it. Made him wanna hurl. My daughter found the gunk that came out almost as fascinating as I did, although she did NOT like having the end of the candle stuck in her ear, so I’ve only candled her a time or two. My oldest son couldn’t have possible given LESS of a flyin’ flip about the whole thing, so pinning him down long enough to candle was limited to about 2 times over the course of 5 years. My youngest, however, is another story entirely.

I candled him night before last with what I believed were ASTOUNDING RESULTS…. check out the picture:

His gross fascination rivaled my own as we slowly peeled the remaining 4 inches of the candle away to reveal what you see in the pic: 2 and a 1/4 inches worth of goop. Excellent.

But … I have to back this story up a little bit. We’d decided to do both ears twice as some candlers recommend. Just as I lit up the 4th and final candle, I noticed on the back of the box that, “ear candling is not recommended for children under 13”.


There goes Mother of the Year AGAIN this year!

After we finished up with the 4th candle, I started digging around on the internet for the skinny on waxing. There’s a whole lot of fancy-schmancy doctor types saying, “No, no, no!” to waxing. They are haters, every single one. I couldn’t find ANY MD who was willing to give it so much as a partial thumbs up. One site even went so far as to say that ear candles are a complete hoax claiming that a candle inserted in an ear will produce the same icky gunk as one with NO ear present. So I tried it.


I will NOT do a post that definitively states that candling is (in all ways) SAFE and wonderful, for clearly I’m unqualified to make such a claim. However, I CAN say that what I got out of my child’s head was ear wax. It looks, feels, smells and tastes like ear wax. Ok… I don’t know about the taste part – but all the rest adds up. And I know for certain that a candle burned on its own with no ear attached to it DOES NOT PRODUCE the deep, golden waxy substance that I got from doing my son’s ears (or any other ears, for that matter).

And so I’m wondering from you … what do you think? Are ear candles a wise, ancient secret providing a way to clean the ears or is it all just a big, stupid, waxy joke?

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Comments on: "Ear Candles: There’s Cool Stuff Stuck In Your Head" (2)

  1. LOVE CANDLING. The coolest feeling and I’m totally jealous that CR got such awesome goop. Makes mine look like amateur wax.

    • TeeeRay said:

      Next time I do YOUR ears, I’m crawling in there myself with a shovel if that’s what it takes!!!

      I loves me my Sara!!!

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