Doing my part to disrupt the space-time continuum.

I got distracted this weekend …

… from laundry, cleaning, vacuuming … you know, all the stuff I positively LIVE for.  I got to playing around on Picnik – a fun, online photo shop kind of site. For the Halloween season they have all kinds of Halloweenie stuff you can do to Halloweenie your photos. I poured a glass of wine and played with the Picnik Halloweenie thing.

I started out with this basic vampire version of me, which is essentially your typical demon possessed vampire look. Not a terribly different look than the one I give drivers who prefer to stick their thumbs up their butt holes instead of keeping them on the wheel of their car while driving. That’s me glaring at them.  –>

After the first glass of wine I progressed to a redneck version of the vampire me  below, complete with uni-brow and missing tooth. It’s another look that resembles me when the little chick from the salon begins to THREAD my eyebrows. Have you had that done?! Having your eyebrows thread hurts like a mother and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Why not just get razor blades and cut the offending hairs right off the flesh above my eyeballs? Just peel it away and leave the bone hanging out.

I could seriously eat that little salon chick’s eyeballs out of her head.

<–That’s me thinking about eating her eyeballs in a sick, redneck sort of way.

By the time I finished my second glass of wine, I’d decided to go all out with this Halloweenie thing on Picnik. I took it to the next level with blood and mean, bushy UN-threaded eyebrows, cracked skin and a totally scary message that I’m on the prowl.

That’s me after sucking the blood out of the threading chick AND the obnoxious thumb-butt drivers. –>

About this time,  my 10 year old bounds into the room, sees what I’ve done to my pictures and goes nuts! He loves it! Thinks it’s more excellent than the squished frog we saw during our delightful evening constitutional the night before (because he’s 10 and as you know, in 10 Year Boy World it’s understood: if it’s GROSS, then it’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME!) We snapped his photo, uploaded it and began the gruesome adventure.

He could NOT get enough blood on that picture!

Here he is, totally gross for Halloween in a MOST excellent manner!

So, there ya go … just another day in the life of TeeeRay. Have a GREAT Halloween!


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